Jul 12, 2011

Love My Family!

..I thought I'd blog a ton after having Max but Obviously that isn't happening..

Well after much effort to get our lil man here as soon as possible, Max arrived on June 2nd at 2:37 am. He was 6 lbs & 15 oz and 19.5 inches long.
The whole experience was a roller coaster, but we are all safe & super happy!

Here are some short explanations on our Pride&Joy::
  • Since day one Max has been oooober strong! (which from his kicks I could already predict that). He's slowly but surely gotten studly at lifting his head. We have to be extra careful when burping him because he'll whip back his head to look around. Now Max is really good at holding it up for a few seconds with just minor bobbing. I'm a proud mamma!
  • He's really adorably mellow & only cried when we changed his bum or he was hungry. Max is still very mellow and VERY ADORABLE, but has gotten a lot better at getting his bum changed. Lately when he wakes up for the day he's all smiles on the changing table.
  • We can already tell he's a smarty-pants! He's been very alert since he got here & knows who his parents are! He constantly just stares at me, even when others are holding him or when he hears my voice on the phone. I walk back & forth and he just follows me with his eyeballs.
  • I was the first person to have him smile at while my mom was holding him at 2 weeks old. I walked up to him and said 'I Love You Max' & we got this HUGE smile!
  • Max is such a smiley kid & has now started 'talking' too!
  • He loves to dance! He sits and wiggles his arms & kicks his legs like crazy!
  • Last week I was playing with him outside & started singing Beatles 'Across the Universe' & he kicked like crazy with his gorgeous smile. I notice that when I dance & sing to him he Loves it! And of course I'm a goober so I do it constantly & while he was in my belly so he probly grew custom to my not-s0-amazing singing lol.
I now understand what people mean when they have always told me how amazing being a mom is. It's truly indescribable.
I am blown away by the instant love you can have for someone you just meet. I honestly was worried I wouldn't be able to love him as much as I love Alex, but now I'm a believer.
Now the next worry is to love my next wee'one as much as this munchkin! :)

I am very lucky because my job has allowed me an amazing Maternity Leave.
I had 2 weeks prior to Max & 6 weeks with him. It has given me the chance to really observe & learn the ways of Max. We've been enjoying the time off even though Alex has school this semester.
I am enjoying myself too much, because I only have 2 more weeks & I'm selfishly wanting more... Much Much MORE! :)
But I have an amazing job & still need to put Alex through school. We're hoping by the next kid (which won't be for around 3 years) I'll be able to go down to part time??

A girl can dream :) :)

At least with going to work I am able to leave Max with someone I trust. Growing up I had the same Church Leader advance with me while I was growing up & she's offered to watch him! It made me very excited, happy, & relieved! I'll drop him off on my way to work and it'll only be for 5 hours at most & then my mom will pick him up after she's off work.
I'll hopefully keep you posted more as time goes on, but I have to be honest I enjoy playing with Max more hah.

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