May 30, 2011

39 weeks

Today we are 39 weeks exactly.. which means that our due date is only one week away!!
To be completely honest I don't think I can last that long!!!
I've been having contractions for days now, and last night I had a bunch!
They were too far apart and only a few 'BAM' ones.
I am so ready to get this little guy outta my belly & into our lives.
It's driving me mad!!
Not to mention I'm just o-so comfortable :)

I have tried walking up & down stairs...showing me how out of shape I am & made me oober sore.
I have tried bouncing on a yoga ball, which seemed to help but obviously nothing too critical.
I have been walking on treadmills the last few days..I should have been doing that for the last few months.
I have done squats & stood swaying back and forth.

All of these have lead to contractions but no baby!!

Trust me I know the labor will be hard work, but I'm so scared that I just want to get that part over with hah.

I want my lil man here already!!

May 28, 2011


Alex had a week off between semesters at the U, so he started planning on getting Max's room ready!! I was soo happy!!
Alex knew I've been wanting to get it done for months, and the week after I would start Maternity Leave. That would allow me to not stress out about it & be able to decorate :)
He and Jake got the room all painted so we could finish it.

We were a bit too excited and got most of it done within that week.
There's a bit more wall decor that will be added, but I'm soo happy with it!

I have such an awesome Husband!!

Here are some pictures
We still haven't put the crib in there cuz we're going to have it in our room for the first month or two.

Me working hard.. watching Alex put up MAX's letters :)
We got these super cute light switch plates on eBay to go with the room! :)
This room was originally my little brother's, but Alex used the vacancy for homework.
We're going to try and keep him in there so this is Alex's nifty homework station :)

Now we just need Max here to add the BEST accessory of all!! :)

Projects for Nursery

Alex & I were searching for a dresser til my parents offered to give us the one I had growing up.
We wanted to spiff it up because well, it was a little outdated and not technically masculine :)
Alex totally rocked it's world!! He sanded it, picked paint & painted it, & put the knobs on.
It looks AWESOME!!!

Our 'theme' is guitars (music really) as you can see by our crib set. We've been seeing cute paintings at Bed Bath & Beyond, but they're too expensive.
I decided I would try to paint one for his room. It's the first painting I've ever done, so don't judge too much ;)

It turned out better than I expected
There was a little more added to it after this point, but that's basically what it turned out as.