May 30, 2011

39 weeks

Today we are 39 weeks exactly.. which means that our due date is only one week away!!
To be completely honest I don't think I can last that long!!!
I've been having contractions for days now, and last night I had a bunch!
They were too far apart and only a few 'BAM' ones.
I am so ready to get this little guy outta my belly & into our lives.
It's driving me mad!!
Not to mention I'm just o-so comfortable :)

I have tried walking up & down stairs...showing me how out of shape I am & made me oober sore.
I have tried bouncing on a yoga ball, which seemed to help but obviously nothing too critical.
I have been walking on treadmills the last few days..I should have been doing that for the last few months.
I have done squats & stood swaying back and forth.

All of these have lead to contractions but no baby!!

Trust me I know the labor will be hard work, but I'm so scared that I just want to get that part over with hah.

I want my lil man here already!!

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Bailey x 4 said...

I'm looking for pictures and your exciting update!