Mar 22, 2010

This is my Goober that I LOVE!!
When I say that Alex & I could lay around all day in our PJ's & still have a good time..
Yesterday was an Excellent example!!
Alex Enjoys his Gummy Bears & I enjoy his face
so these Pictures = Awesomeness!!

Mar 11, 2010

Surgery # Uno

On 2/17 I had Surgery on Both Wristt (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) & Elbow (Cubital Tunnel Syndrome). I've had the symptoms for over 2 years now, it's just gotten worse & worse. I couldn't take it anymore & finally got a 2nd Opinion & yay!! Surgery! During Surgery my Dr found a mysterious Extra Muscle, which is very rare. He had to dysect it by cutting it in half & moving it around to give my nerve room... It made total sense to me why my Elbow is funky feeling. I was put on Perkisets.. YUCK :p. They made me Wide Awake but grossly sick feeling. I started taking less & less when I could til I got to 1/4.. then Zero. Trust me, plenty left. lol. I wasn't getting much sleep when you mix Medicine that wakes you up.. Plus getting sick of laying in one position lol. Every time I got the Chills it felt like Static Electricity was tap dancing on my elbow :). Alex & I went to a lot of movies.. and I mean A LOT. Stupidly enough we went to thrillers & I am a jumpy person... So needless to say I hurt myself quite a bit.
I got my Cast off Last Tuesday & my arm felt like a cheeseball puppet. It took me a while to be able to move my hand & elbow so well, but it is getting better. I can type & such, so that's good. It's just hard for me to cook, clean, mostly grip things still.
I started work this Monday after about 3 weeks. I tell ya.. going to bed at 3am, and having to do a 180 to waking up at 4:45am is Hard Work!! I used to have no issue, but I'm hoping to get back in the mode soon :). It hasn't been that bad though, it's a great place to work so it definitely helps.. Now I'm just going to work hard to build our Bank Account back up & Save up for Surgery # Dose on my Left Arm.. :/ Probly going to wait for August though, we'll see.. Although it's pretty poopy now, I'm just super excited to: Play Piano; Draw; Paint; & ROCKBAND!!
I am so lucky to have Alex because he has taken such great care of me! Not only did he give me baths, but he Shampoo&Conditioned my hair, Blow Dried it; Straighten it; & shave me arm pits ;) I can't believe how lucky I am to have that Studly! I will miss spending 22 hours together, (school). He is a Complete Hoot & Awesome Caregiver!!

We Turned 21! Woot Woot!

I turned 21 on Jul 18. I just had just a few people over at my Brother's House. It was fun to have a Weekend off (at that time I didn't have them off work) & just be my Dorkish self. I had mostly Family over & a couple friends. It was close to perfect. I just wanted a Luau with some fun peeps, and it happened. Bring Rockband & it's a party!

Alex's Birthday is Nov 7. I had a friend from work Dress up like an OompaLoompa as a Singing Telegram! His cousin agreed to make sure he didn't get off work early. It was awesome!!! Josh did great, even came up with his own song.

That night we went to Keys on Main, a Bar DownTown to finally experience what it was like to go. It was really fun, I personally love Piano... Keys on Main you place down a request with some cash & if you want someone's Request to Stop You have to place down more money then they did with your own Song.

I was Super Stoked when I was finally able to get Alex up there!!!! They placed him on the Piano & Both Sang to him at the same time! Alex had a ball & Knew the entire lyrics lol.


We were finally able to take our HoneyMoon starting June 26 - July 8, 2009! MAN it was needed & really exciting. It got pushed back 3 Different Times, month by month. Finally we put our foot down & paused life to be able to go :) My Amazing Aunt & Uncle offered their Gorgeous Condo at Solana Beach,California. Not kidding this place was right on a cliff to the Beach! We were super excited to see how lucky we were!!! I vowed to spend a lot of time on the beach & take advantage of it!
We spent the first week Staying in the Condo. Unfortunately we weren't able to Rent a Car, but we had plenty of time to relax on the Beach. Every time we couldn't think of anything to do, of course we went to the beach!! This was great fun to see the beautiful waves & dolphins at times. Also got our tanning going & what a great excuse to see Alex without his shirt on! ;)
There was enough around to walk to & trust me we did! There were a few shops around we purchased from. There were some restaurants (amazing Mexican). Albertson's Grocery. Coffee Place that had delicious shake. & First Farmers Market I'd ever been to! Let me tell ya, DELICIOUS Spicy Artichoke Dip!!! :P. At night we'd walk to the Donut shop & Get some drinks and just Relax & watch the waves. Of course I had plenty of fun just snappin photos lol. Alex & Lisa stayed a night & we had fun!! Made fondue in the kitchen & bought shloads of food to dip it in! then hit the sack so we could hit the road early for our Fun Adventures to Universal Studios. Promise, not as fun as you'd think.. lol.
Not only did we have a great Condo, but we were also able to spend time our Best Friends that currently live in San Diego (Alex & Lisa). We always wanted to go visit them, but hard to find time & money. This was a perfect excuse to Relax & Play!
After the week at the Condo.. the Next week Bunkin with the Watkins. They're home is soo cute & I wish we could move out there with them.. but man! Expensive area! lol. They introduced us to a glorious placed called Froyo, which is an amazing yogurt place!! I was sooo happy to find that there were some around our area opening! Funnest to spend our HoneyMoon with!!! They were way too nice & the Best Hosts ever!!! I can't believe they put up with us for SOoo long?!
Alex & Lisa were super sweet to let us borrow their car & drive back to our Condo one of the last nights. There was a fair there & CCR was playing. Alex & I really wanted to go, so they were awesome & worked it out to us borrowing their cute car. Unfortunately it was not original CCR, but there was an original member present :) Their Fair was about as big as Lagoon, to be honest lol.

Although I have a Large collection of photos from our Honeymoon here are just a few at the places we went.

Mar 9, 2010

Our Journey

I thought I would just add things here & there to catch Ya'll up to Speed
Decided to Just start with our Wedding, since that is when our Journey started as 'The Stouts'.
Alex & I got Married Oct 3rd, 2008. We had our Wedding at Millenial Falls, in Draper. Man o' Man he was a Handsome Groom! He is My Best Friend, & I wouldn't have it any other way! We have been together since Jan 6, 2006. We were High School Sweethearts, and just in time for me. We were in seperate Grades, but with a Smile like that you'd go for a Junior too ;) We fell for one another quickly, & lucky to have find one another so young.
On our Wedding Day I couldn't believe that I had such a Dreamy Man waiting down that isle. I was very excited, but nervously shaky. The only time I got teary throughout this experience was walking through the door.. down the steps.. to my Knight in Awesome Brown Suit. He had the cutest smile of excitement on his face. Between that & my Daddy fighting sobs I was almost a goner.. Moments seemed to pass too quickly by the time the Bishop declared us..
" Husband & Wife "
We had far too nice of a Wedding because our Parents just love us too much.
It was perfect, We really enjoyed it!
Many are baffled we got Married at the age of 19-20.
We knew it was genuine decision that would take hard work & laughter.

Mar 8, 2010

Hello Everybody! It's been 2 years since I adopted this blog, decided it's about time that I add to it & make it fun!!! Now that I have figured out how to post things I am going to have some Posts up with photos!! Be prepared I am a Cameraholic!! As you can see my Hubby is VERY good looking.. so you can not blame me!