Apr 21, 2010

Heading up to Heber for Garret's Farewell this Sunday. We were rocking our CoolGuy Glasses

Jumping on the Tramp'o'line :)

Apr 15, 2010

Heading up to Heber this weekend for Garret's Farewell. Alex is proud, but sad to see his Best Friend/Cousin leave for a couple years. When you get these two together, be prepared for whatever random situation occurs.
Garret's heading to Sandy Burrito, CA on Cinco de Mayo.
I wanted to put up this pic because I love it so lol

First Experience to Mesquite

We have recently experienced Mesquite, Nevada. It is pretty fun, and it was a nice mini-get away overnight :) It was nice to enjoy the sunny weather & Palm Trees. Depressing to know that only a few hours away there are Palm Trees.. Darn Utah lol. I am always excited to go on random adventures with the Funnest Person I know, My Alex!

Alex & I are now planning on mini- vacations more often. We may not be able to afford weeks at a time vacations, but we can do weekend road trips :)

New Favorite Accessory

If you know me i LOVE peace signs.. have since I was a wee' one.
&& Lately I constantly wear hats cuz.. well, I'm lazy & have an early shift for work lol.
I found this hat on eBay & have had it for a week now.. This Seller has AWESOME hats, no joke!!
I love it!!!! I think I found the 'drug' dealer to my addiction to hats Woot Woot!

Date Night!

Alex & I had a date night a Few Weeks ago, it was far too long since we had one. We went to Happy Sumo Downtown for Sushi (YUM) & then went to the Tavernacle. Tavernacle is a Piano Bar & it is super fun. Alex and I like Piano Music, and it's super awesome cuz they play whatever you request if you put down like a $1 tip. If someone doesn't like that song they can put a bigger tip down to change the song.. so on and so forth. So it gets kinda competitive.
We saw a Guy put down about $100 just because he was trying to impress a girl across the other side of the bar lol. Ooooh people, it is fun.
I recommend giving it a shot :)

Here is one of the pianos (the artists face eachother)
He is a hoot! He was playing with hands & foot!!! hahah
These are some fun people we made friends with that night