Oct 23, 2011

Going on 5 Months

Man, lots of things have been happening the last few months (as you can imagine).

Max will be 5 months in a couple weeks and BOY has that flown by!
Our little stinker is not so little for his age, he is in the 60%+ in all areas.

Max still wakes up once or twice a night (on an average night) mostly to eat an ounce or his pinkie falling out... I know tragic right? Last week he was a stinker and he was having a difficult time. Seemed he always wanted to be held & didn't want to sleep on normal hours. He seems to be coming back though.

He loves to be entertained.. oh boy is he lucky to have such a goober mom & I am lucky to have someone that loves my dorkiness. He loves to be sang to (even if you can't carry a tune apparently), Danced to/with, Talked to, walked around, and such a cuddle bug.

MaxJax is very close to rolling over by himself & has only done so once. He usually gets 3/4 way there & just chills. I hold out my finger for him to grab and just kind of complete the progress. Unfortunately Max loves to sit up, so he doesn't dig tummy time for too long but w're trying to do more of it to hopefully increase the practice of rolling over and building strength.
Max is also loves standing & sitting up inching towards sitting up by himself. He can do it but he is such a squirmy worm and starts to tilt and falls down sideways.

Max has said 'mom' & 'mamma' once in a while, but it's not consistent. He normally goes through phases where he'll say it a lot & then won't. But there is no denying that Max is a mammas boy! He loves his daddy, but I am just too awesome I can't deny. He gets to play and hangout with daddy when he gets home from work, but when I get home I take over cuz I miss him like CRAZY SAUCE all day while I'm working!!

We have such an awesome group of babysitters! His main babysitter is someone that I've known since I was young and having her is amazing! If I didn't have her and my mom I'd be having such a hard time being at work. My parents are completely supportive and watch pick him up at the babysitters when they're home from work. My inlaws are incredible and help out as much as they can as well! We are very lucky!!!!

Max loves being out and about in the world. We've been trying to take advantage of the few days we have where it's warm and sunny and hangout with him for a bit outside. He seems to have my skin, so I'm cautious of him burning and don't stay out too long. He loves to observe and learn so when we're out he is wide eyed and all smiles. I have to admit we're pretty lame parents and don't go out too much other than restaurants (hence why the baby fat is still renting space).

Speaking of food, I am now working on two things at once! I was always wanting to go to the gym but didn't always have someone to watch Max in the morning, before I go to work. With my friend living back in Utah & having a gorgeous girl 2 months older than Max, she got me to be brave & use our gum's Daycare. It's been AWESOME!!! I've been able to go 2-4 times a week, and I'm loving it. I'll be honest I still have my appetite and habit of eating what I want and that was not helping with my self-esteem when I wasn't going. Now that I've been going to the gym I may not see immediate results, but I have been feeling a lot better. I may not be to the point where I am completely satisfied, but I understand that will take time. Just with me going and knowing I'm doing something about it helps me feel better and be more patient. I am totally aware that I need to diet and it will take time.. but I admit I'm terrible with diets, but know it may be that time. On a very positive note there is such a STUD from this jiggling section :)

So in short, Max is the cutest kid ever and I love him very very much. He is a happy camper and his parents love him sooo much! I am working hard at eBay and continuing to work on goals on continuing to grow in the company. My goals are to continue to provide for my handsome studs & continue to work hard on making myself happy!