Nov 30, 2010

RockStar Crib Bedding

Found this Crib Set at & instantly fell in LOVE with it!
Yes, it's a bit masculine, but if it ends up being a girl we could put more emphasis on orange accents, etc.
I'm Buying atleast the mobile & bedding set tonight!!! :)

  • **Rockstar 4-pc. crib set: 4-pc. bumper set, coverlet, skirt, crib sheet.

    • *Set includes: 4 separate bumpers to fit any crib, appliqued framed coverlet that is a useful crib blanket, blue
    • *100% cotton percale sheet with deluxe 10" pocket, 15" long box pleat skirt.
    • *100% cotton percale, 100% polyester ultra suede, 100% polyester sherpa fleece

Nov 17, 2010

11 weeks

With the date that we are currently aiming for as June 6, I am now 11 weeks & 2 days along. Crazy to think the lil' tyke is as big as a Large Plum (2.5 in, .5 oz). Weighing myself I have lost 5 pounds now, yet with my uterus the size of a large grapefruit I'm starting to slightly poke. I know I was not a lil' miss skinny-minnie before, but I didn't used to poke out this much.. lol. It may be too soon to speak of showing .. but to Heck with it ;).

Trying on cheap'o long sleeves that I desperately needed, I was kind of bummed out to see that I looked chubbier. I couldn't tell if I was just gaining chubs from eating every 2 hours, or if I was starting to show. All weekend I couldn't stop trying to suck in, but realized the whole sucking in ain't cutting it anymore..

Monday (Nov 15) was kind of a rocky day. I got to work & a few friends mentioned they could see some prego belly starting. It makes me kind of excited to see how my body will take the stretching & pulling, but I was definitely feeling a little off. All day I had felt strange rumbling in my tummy, & couldn't stop trying to figure out if I was hungry or upset tummy or what. My friend has had a couple kids, asked if it felt like weird air bubbles. I told her yes and she got all excited & said the weird rumbling feeling is my baby moving. WHAT? SERIOUSLY?! The lil' plum bum is moving? Already?... hmmm. I have yet to confirm it, but that's such a fun thought. Everything I've read said it's to the point where joints are able to extend.. and if they're anything like their Daddy it'll have CRAZY LONG arms & legs. I guess that was a bit much for my body that day to get used to cuz nothing sounded good, yet I felt hungry. I was pretty a-ok until later that night. I hate staying up too late cuz that means I have to eat again. Since I was up past 8:30 I dreadfully had to walk upstairs to the kitchen and find something that sounded ok. Opening the freezer I saw my mom's Sugar Free Rocky Road ice cream, well of course that sounds delicious and I haven't really indulged too much, so I took a small bowl full.

My tummy got upset as I was trying to sleep, the last few nights Alex has been a sweet heart & has had to tickle my arms & neck to put me to sleep while feeling nauseous. It's actually been working, but Monday night was not a typical easy going night either. I finally had to jump out of bed & didn't quite make it to the bathroom. Darn it! I have now gotten sick twice... I was hoping to go through it again.. but yup. Poor Alex does not have a strong stomach for 'sick' time.. if he hears, thinks, smells, sees.. he's a gonner. Luckily my mom happened to be down stairs to turn on the light & find me in a fragile state. Alex attempted, but walked right out and started gagging.. I felt really bad. So my mom helped me straighten things up, I'm so lucky to have her!! Ok... so that may have been too much info.. but you could have skimmed over that if you wanted. Not my fault! lol ;).

Luckily I have great boss that's understanding & was able to go into work late Tuesday. I stayed after to make up time that I missed. I'm seeming great lately & hope that my belly keeps growing & I continue to feel the lil stoutie-pie. I know.. everyone keeps telling me to enjoy the non belly while I can, cuz it will get more and more uncomfortable. But I am Jill. I am curious chica. Alex and I keep saying how curious we are to see what it'll look like.. if it'll be a boy or a girl.. Who it'll look more like.. If it'll be lucky enough to have redhair & freckles.. or his gorgeous eye lashes.. I'm so lucky to have him as a Daddy to my baby.

It's fun to have a pregnancy journal to fill out every night with Alex & have this blog to type out my thoughts and experiences. I hope it's ok that I'm kinda rambling off about it.. but hey it's my lil' space in the universe to do so right?

Nov 6, 2010

Addition to the Stout Life

Wow I haven't been on here in a LOOONG time! We still miss Garret (from posts below) but man time has passed since May, it's almost been 6 months since I've touched this thing!? I was annoying with how many posts I was doing, and then just disappeared. :)

Well many posts will be coming soon due to all the changes we will be going through within a short 7 months lol.

Last month I was forced to change Birth Control due to my facility not selling my normal prescription anymore. They gave me an additional brand that was supposed to be basically the same thing. As time went on I was feeling pretty rotten, I was very tired, stomach pain, & dizzy constantly. While doing my workouts I was not able to keep up & work was kind of a drag. I went to my doctors after speaking to my cousin to change my prescription. The doctor stated that although I had not had a kid yet they would be willing to give me paragard, which is an implanted Birth Control that lasts 12 years!! I was stoked! The next week I had gone into the doctors office to insert the lil miracle, yet it was too difficult since I have not had a kid yet. My doctor said to wait for my cycle to see if we would be able to get it in at that time..

A bug was going around at work shortly after & I thought I had caught it, like I always do. I was exhausted, nausea's & just a zombie. Many people at my work were getting this same thing, yet theirs were only lasting 2 full days, when mine had been extended for weeks. Alex & I went to the movie 'Life as we know it' and LOVED it!
It actually made Alex baby hungry, and secretly that gave me a relief because I was nervous that what I was feeling was not just a bug from work, but a bug from our Love ;). As time went on Alex & I both had a feeling there may be a shocker on it's way, yet we didn't talk about it. Few more days passed & my boobies were getting 'utterly' sore & then realized that I hadn't started my cycle yet.

I was in denial so it took me til October 14th to take a pregnancy test... low and behold POSITIVE. I was in shock! It took me about 10 minutes to leave the bathroom.. I was pacing back & forth, coming up with how to tell Alex, who was studying for school in our bedroom. I had it planned out perfectly, or so I though. I walked into the room & all that came out was 'We need to go to the store!'. Alex's eyes didn't leave the computer screen & asked why. I said
'No, we need to go to the store Now!' & shoved my lil' pee stick in his face. He looked at me in disbelief. As he continued to look between me and the pee stick I started Bawling! Shock, excitement, scared, confused emotions hit me like a ton of bricks! Alex continued to ask me why I was crying & all I could do was cry lol.

I quickly grabbed a hat and sweater & we bolted to the car. We went to Smith's down the street & grabbed two separate brands from the one I had just soiled. Driving there & back I was sucking down water as though I had never heard of the delicious liquid. Few minutes later I was able to take the two tests. Which surprisingly both turned out positive again! We both kind of looked at each other as 'Welp' lol.

That night we had to go out to Dinner for my older Sister, Debbie's Birthday at Asian Star. Alex and I were both very quite before, during, & after the dinner, because we had decided to wait to tell them. I turned down sushi, which is not like me at all. My mom looked at me, and I told her that I was still not feeling well. She looked at me and asked me if I was pregnant. I said no, this bug that is going around at work.. On the way home from dinner my dad randomly decided to talk about how my mom was when she was pregnant. What she craved, her emotions, what made her sick, how she slept all the time. I was astonished of their timing! It was very hard to not just blurt it out.

We didn't last too long with not telling our parents. that Saturday night we decided to tell our parents at 11pm. Quickly we wrapped all 3 sticks in a box, walked into my parents room who were luckily still awake. I told them that they've been so great to us & saw something which made us think of them. My dad confusingly & very slowly unwrapped the box to find 3 separate pee sticks. He was blown away & showed my mom, who shreeked with excitement! I told them they had to keep this between us for now because we're not sure when we'll tell people, at least not til our doctors appointment. We rushed over to Alex's parents, but his mom wasn't home. We waited til about 7:30pm on Sunday & they were excited with the news as well. Jennifer had a feeling because we made it clear we wanted them to be together when we gave them the gift.

We had our first Doctors Appointment on Oct 27th in Riverton. I was so nervous I just got the first doctor I could get an appointment with. I tried locating a woman, but they are in such high demand I wouldn't be able to get in for two or three weeks. I just took the first man that was available, which was not approved by my mother. She continued to express her concern on how I need to locate a doctor that someone we know has had & can recommend. I continued to tell her that I would, I just want to get into a doctors as soon as possible, after that I will keep looking. On the way to the appointment she continued to express her concerns over and over like a great mom would. We went into the building & she saw a list of the doctors that were on that floor. She asked what doctor I was going to, and I told her Dr. Mark Curtis. Blown away my mom got a large grin on her face 'that's MY doctor?!?' lol. She was very surprised because apparently my randomly picked doctor helped her get pregnant with me & my little brother, DJ. My mother had a few miscarriages and this doctor was great with helping her & my dad. Turns out that this doctor had also delivered me as well. SMALL WORLD!

Sitting in the waiting room, not knowing what was going to happen, we finally got in to see the doctor. He was very nice, very approachable and was excited to see my mom. Said it's strange when you start delivering kids from kids you delivered lol. Randomly he pulled out a tool & placed a cold gel on my belly, I was not expecting for him to try & hear the heart beat this early. You could hear my growling tummy & intestines moving around, but then very faintly you could hear this strange sound. He announced that the very faint noise was our baby's heart beat!! We sat there for about 8 minutes just listening to this strong lil noise! We were in shock, and suddenly things got very real. Doctor said I had to be about 8 weeks in order to hear that so well, & next time we would be able to hear it stronger. Reassuring that the miscarriage percent just went from 18% down to 3% with the ability to hear the heart beat that day.

So it is official, Alex and I will be having a wee' one in June. We are going to find out the sex of the kiddo until it's born. I'm worried I may break under pressure, but Alex & I promised one another we would wait, and he's dead set on it ;). We already know the names for if it's a Girl or a Boy.

Girl: Denzlee Rynn Stout
Boy: Max Stout

We are now on 9 weeks & 5 days along! This puts the size of our wee' one the size of a prune, which is 1.5 inches. Our next appointment is November 24th, and I may be about 12 weeks along at that point, we are excited!