Mar 11, 2011

Just Havin Fun

I had Yesterday (& Today) off. I had an idea of all these things I wanna get done.. mostly run errands and.. I got a little carried away.. but at least that provides pictures for you right!?

I planned on the Car Seat & Stroller, but shouldn't have gone into Carters! :) They had SOOO many cute clothes, & tons of guitar clothes!!! Oh man I fought so hard, other wise there'd be tons more here! haha.

My next project is to paint pictures for Max's Room. His room is going to be guitars, like the crib bedding & also all the cute clothes! :) I've started one, I just hope it turns out ok.. I haven't ever painted a picture before so we'll have to see. Wish me luck!! I'll post pictures when it's completed.

I'm excited to paint the room, it just needs a few touch ups before we can put everything in there, and have to paint the room DJ is moving into when he gets home so it's ready for him also.

We also talked to my parents about taking over a dresser that I had when I was younger, and no one uses. So that's a project Alex said he'll do for me because he doesn't want me around the fumes. I just hope it gets warm fast so he can do it, and also he's not too busy with school. I keep thinking of all these things I wanna do & feel like I'm running out of time, when all reality I still have 3 months.. but I'm hoping to keep myself busy so it flies by!

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